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NFIA, a Dutch government agency, can be of tremendous assistance in establishing or expanding your pan-European operation. For an overview of our free and confidential services, click About NFIA.  We'll help you discover how investing in setting up your business in the Netherlands pays you dividends all across Europe.

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European Headquarters in the Netherlands

Your doorway to pan-European success

In recent years, the Netherlands has solidly established itself as a magnet for foreign-owned companies and a leading site for European headquarters. A neutral, pro-business and economically stable country, the Netherlands offers companies a perfect climate to successfully compete in Europe. A supportive corporate tax structure leads the way, complemented by an abundance of multilingual, multiskilled employees and an excellent physical and telecommunications infrastructure. Not to mention strategic location - the Netherlands puts you at Europe's front door.

It's no wonder that a comprehensive study of potential European headquarters locations conducted by Ernst and Young, ranked the Netherlands so highly.

If you're considering a headquarters for your business operations in Europe, locating in the Netherlands offers considerable advantages. That's why over 2100 many top North American companies - from small and mid-size to Fortune 500 leaders - have established their European headquarters here. Companies such as Cisco Systems, Forever 21 , Nike and Tesla to name just a few.

You don't have to be a Fortune 500 company to make a fortune in the Netherlands.

Although many large, global businesses do have headquarters in the Netherlands, we're a great place for smaller businesses to locate their European headquarters as well. The same benefits - pro-business tax structure, plentiful labor, developed infrastructures and quality of life - hold true for businesses of all sizes. Just ask companies like Optimizely and DoubleDutch that started here with 20 or fewer employees. There's nothing small about the results businesses see here.

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When you're ready to make a move on the location of your European headquarters, we think you'll find the Netherlands meets even the most demanding business needs.To find out more, click on any of the buttons to the left. Then contact the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) to help facilitate your own decision-making process. We can provide you with up-to-the-minute comparative data on our highly skilled work force, tax issues, available office space and green field sites, key business contacts and more. All at no cost and in strict confidence.