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NFIA, a Dutch government agency, can be of tremendous assistance in establishing or expanding your pan-European operation. For an overview of our free and confidential services, click About NFIA.  We'll help you discover how investing in setting up your business in the Netherlands pays you dividends all across Europe.

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Daniel van Vulpen

Daniel van Vulpen is the Area Director for NFIA’s New York office.  In this position he informs and assists companies based in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Delaware that are interested in setting up operations - or restructuring, or expanding - in Europe.  Part of his effort involves organizing fact-finding trips to Holland and introducing US companies to the relevant Dutch business networks.

Previously, van Vulpen worked for three years as project manager for Holland’s Nation Branding Unit, where he set up a new marketing and communications strategy for ‘Holland, Inc’.

He started working for the Dutch government after a ten-year career in the media industry, the last seven of which he served in a variety of roles for RTL News, Holland’s largest independent news broadcaster.

Van Vulpen has a master’s degree in International Relations from the University of Amsterdam and wrote his thesis on the strategic implications of the NAFTA treaty for the automobile industry. During his student years, he spent six months in the US as an exchange student at UC- Santa Cruz.