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NFIA, a Dutch government agency, can be of tremendous assistance in establishing or expanding your pan-European operation. For an overview of our free and confidential services, click About NFIA.  We'll help you discover how investing in setting up your business in the Netherlands pays you dividends all across Europe.

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Reimbursement Update Conference Recap:

Reimbursement in Europe for Medical Device Companies


Did you know medical device introductions happen 1-3 years faster in Europe than they do in the US? If you missed our 16 September 2011 MassMEDIC Reimbursement Update Conference for medical device manufacturers, you’ll want to request our free and informative study and copy of the presentation.  Developed and updated by Buck Consultants International, it’s packed with vital information that can speed your device’s entry and reimbursement in the EU – the world’s second largest medtech market.

The conference provided the latest information on changes expected in the medicare system following enactment of national health care reform.  The presentations covered anticipated changes in coding, coverage and payments issues; how to develop a worldwide reimbursement strategy; and changes in the reimbursement systems of major European Union countries.

The update study on medical business planning and reimbursement in Europe helps you learn, nation-by-nation, about specific government-funded and private health plans; and the criteria that determine which devices are covered. There are case study comparisons, and advice, too.  You’ll come away knowing what to expect about reimbursement, pricing policies and payback time-lines.

You’ll also learn about the linguistic, financial and cultural differences between European countries. About the regulatory approval and the EU Mark certification process.  Plus, the importance of establishing an EU network of distributors and logistics service providers for your organization.

Request our study now.  It’s everything you need to know to help ensure your device hits the ground running in Europe, quickly and profitably.  And if you’re considering a pan-European marketing or sales office, let NFIA show you the many advantages of setting up operations in the Netherlands.